break free

was just listening to Polly tell how to break out of the evil ‘narcissistic’ system; by creating a parallel system. years ago several families of us had done just that. we had come out of that narcissistic church system and set up a wonderful parallel system.

We had it as the Book of Acts laid out…daily…. prayer meetings with no one person in charge; we were all. equals. God was so powerfully with us. we were not set up ‘theater’ style. we sat in a family-style system, allowing God to lead us all the way. it was purely wonderful. but guess what? narcissistic preachers infiltrated this small but God-blessed prayer group and true to the narcissistic method, rearranged our setup so that HE was the object of attention and we no longer were led by the Spirit of God or had that glory.

they, more than one came in and busted up this parallel system of worship, set it back up theater style, all facing him. needless to say, it killed our wonderful spirit-filled meetings. and also, needless to say, I left it. I had left that church system for the same reason and I was not going to fall into it again. they destroyed our glory. We truly need these kinds of systems again. not led by one man, but led by God and all on equal grounds, to worship and pray. We had God in a way that no church has ever had.

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