The Change

The Change

The people on the other side of the flood were cherubs. Eze 28. they were the MALES. both the women and men were MALES, spiritually. It was a male world. spiritually. They were made as immortals. made to live forever. yet because they sinned, they had death. but still they lived hundreds of years, still having children.

But they were not of the dust of the ground. they were CREATED by god. We were formed by his hands of dust. We are the females of the universe. both men and women are children of men. females to the spirit world. the other world was sons of God, both the men and women were sons of God. they were not dust creatures or humans.
God changed the ‘children’ who were born after the flood. another kind of world came in; a human or female world.
spirits from the other world can ENTER INTO US. so we are female. spiritually. Do you understand this. the life span moved from 1000 years, to 120 years ending with Moses being 120 years old and on down to 70 years.

After the next ‘world’ or the resurrection and ending of sinners off this earth, there will be yet another ‘kind’ of people.
Jesus Christ, at his resurrection, was the very first one of this new kind of person.
He was a new creation of God. He was now a human being who had been changed to immortal.
they will not be mortals as we are or humans.
they /we, will be again, immortals. but not as the first ones/. we will be born again from humans, meaning ourselves as we are now; but we will be CHANGED. that is what idiots call a rapture, THE CHANGE.

Paul said we will be CHANGED in a moment. Changed from mortal to immortal. It is so clearly written in Scripture. Jesus was CHANGED from mortal to immortal; a new heaven/earth. A new creation of God. He will be different from Adam and that world, and also different from what we are now.

There were/are three different ‘heavens and earth’ according to Scripture.
At each change, there was brought forth a ‘new kind of person’ or heaven/earth; spirit/body.

So the first one was the cherubs, which began with Adam and Eve. All of their offspring were also cherubs.
But when that world became so corrupt that God destroyed them with that flood, he saved only eight of those people and then
Changed them.
When their first offspring were born they were not like their parents.

They were now dust human beings; us.
This was the second heaven /earth.

When we are changed again, by a resurrection, then will bring together both creations into one. The first world, the male beings, (both women and men), will join with the human being creatures (spiritual females). . . and that will be the heavenly marriage.

We have a SPIRIT from that first world. Jesus had a spirit from that first world, which was the Lord God.

Jesus, the man joined with the spirit, the Lord God and they became ONE NEW CREATURE. This is the third heaven/earth.
This one will last forever; no more sin, sickness or death.

This may sound very crazy and I understand. The church system/folks have never received the truth of God’s word. So they have no idea about such things.

If you can hear this, if you can receive it, you will be a good candidate for receiving a Spirit being from that first world and become an IMMORTAL, changed from mortal, (us, now), into an immortal with a body that comes from this second world.

Jo Smith. Speaking only what God gives me.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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