Study the Word

I wish to tell you how to begin to Love the Word of God.

It is a joy just to read it….


the real joy and the thing that gets you so into it that you seem to just crave it is this:

Begin to. STUDY. it.

I told a friend many years ago to study the word and she said, I do not know how to study it.

I fear that is the case with many people.

You may casually read a bit and enjoy the ‘story’. But that is not studying and will do you very little good.

In order to STUDY begin to compare scripture with other places in Scripture, that are on the same WORD OR SUBJECT.

try to learn from some other place what this one means. It is imperative that every subject or verse is fully explained by other WRITTEN SCRIPTURE.

We cannot just try to figure out something that seems to fit.

that is not how to find the truth.

Last night I was intent, as I have millions of times before, on trying to tie together the TIMES.. Daniel, Revelation, Mat. other places as to what the days, months, and times actually say.

Today we have the means to make that so much easier. Internet Strongs concordance and Naves Topical search Bible.

that naves topical search Bible is the ultimate in learning the truth.

When you pull up together all the places from Gen to Rev that tie together the same word, it is very eye-opening. I have learned some of the most hidden secrets in the Word this way.

I realized as My mind struggled again, after millions of times, to finally get this nailed down, that THIS IS WHAT MAKES ME LOVE THE WORD SO MUCH.

this struggle to see into the deep secrets hidden all over the Word of God is what stimulates me and keeps me ALIVE.

Mere reading will not keep you going as this does. Study, seek to know the truth.

Jesus said SEARCH the Scriptures for in them you ‘think’ you have eternal life.

Better obey if you want eternal life. to believe a lie is to be damned.

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