shameful story:

for many years now, the world has been thoroughly educated and instructed in the ways of Satan.

Yes, from sex, murder, crime, hate, disobedient to parents, to everything you can think of,

through the means of TV and movies.

You have turned your family over to Satan to totally brainwash them into his evil ways.

Children now, as young as toddlers, know how to look SEXY, stick out their tongues, shake and roll, and wear provocative clothes…. think sexy is the ultimate virture

young children murder, rape, and steal without thinking one thing about it.

The world has been lulled into a love for evil and a hatred for virtue.

church/preachers have pumped lies into your heads so that all truth seems wrong to you.

they have belied God, saying he cannot heal today, does not give the Holy Ghost today, does not give the gifts of the Spirit now. etc and on and on till not many have true salvation.

Now the world is reeling and rocking toward total destruction with no way out.

so go love some more ball games, tv, movies and sit there till you die.

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