Let no man deceive you by any means.

The world is in a big frenzy right now, Yes even conservatives see this wrong….

and they are pushing the big lie every day…. to brainwash the masses into believing a lie,

so they will not see the truth and break free from the mark of the beast.

You are being told every day that is in computer chips places into your body….. so you can buy and sell.

Not so!

not for one minute.

God never said one single word about this stuff.

The buying and selling pertain only and I mean ONLY TO THE THINGS OF GOD.

The things of God are FREE.


Freely you have received, freely give.

Give us of your oil, for our lamps have gone out.

Not so.

got to them that buy and sell and buy yourself some.

While they went to buy the bridegroom came and they were put out.

so see, it is the buying and selling of the things of God….

you cannot do this thing, take money or price for doing a work for God, or thinking you must pay for the teaching or healing or anything else that comes from God… receiving salvation etc.

You cannot do this merchandizing of the things of God UNLESS YOU ARE A BEAST. YOU ARE MARKED BY THIS BUYING AND SELLING THAT YOU ARE A BEAST.

This is what God says on the subject. not a computer chip. that is not one time mentioned in God’s word.

so it is satan’s message.

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