The 8th Head

only those men who were made in the image of God were ever given dominion over the earth.
So I knew that Adam, Noah, and his three sons were and had been given dominion; therefore making them to be ‘heads’ over mankind.
But I asked God how was Abraham in God’s image, knowing that he descended from men of the dust.

He showed me that HE had turned Abraham and Sarai back to their youth… = those in the image of God, before the flood.
So that again cleared Abraham as a Head.
So Then I asked God about Moses.

He showed me that he had glorified Moses in that Mount as Moses had stayed there with God is close communion for 80 days and nights.

So that again cleared Moses as the seventh Head.

He raised Jesus from the Dead and Glorified Him into the image of God, clearing Jesus as that eighth and final Head over mankind.
There will never be another one.

No one else will ever be anointed with power and given dominion over this earth.

Many right now are trying to usurp this authority, but they will fail and end up destroyed in the Fire of God’s wrath.

Jo Smith. Aug 30, 2022

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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