Climb That Hill

Climb that hill

By: Jo Smith *** September 6, 2021

The Captain’s voice called out, ‘Climb that Hill.’
Do Not stand still. Keep walking. Climb that Hill.
If you keep going you will reach that Mountain Peak.
Then you will have all the glory that you now seek.

I know it is a hard journey but do not abandon your quest.
Press on and God will give you rest.
Many will hinder you saying, no need to try.
We will be there by and by.

They say, ‘Just take it easy; enjoy this lifetime.
No need to study and pray; everything will be just fine.
But these wolves will lead you astray
And you will lose your way.

You set your goal on that Mountain top.
So now do not allow wolves to cause you to stop.
They say, do not work; but God says Faith without works is dead.
So rise up; resume your climbing; the goal is just ahead.

You will meet many obstacles along this voyage.
But continue on and you will put the enemy into a rage.
Keep climbing even when you wish to just let go.
Remember, The Golden City is in view, so
Climb to that top. Do not allow anything to make you stop.

The rewards for your endeavor is beyond compare.
For all of Heaven’s splendor, you are an heir.
Fortify your walls; Strengthen your faith. build up your defenses.
And in nothing give to others offenses.

If you wish to walk those streets of Gold
You must now be very bold.
Keep climbing over everything the enemy throws your way.
We will reach that desired goal and see Jesus on that day.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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