Disappointed At The Gate

Disappointed at the Gate

Mr rich pastor/evangelist arrived at the gate
He was so proud that he was not late
He stood tall and proud, imagining the big parade they would do for him.
After all, he was so important; above all of them.

As he waited, some of his members also arrived.
They stood and adored him as they knew he had thrived.
As always, they fell down at his feet
thinking he was the one ‘they’ would greet.

He told them, ‘I will be the main one in this show’.
After all, I am the important one, as you all know.
I will throw some crumbs your way
after I am have been glorified this day.

After a long wait, a shining Star appeared and said
I see no one in this long line who has been led
to obey the word of our God.
So to you all you are void
of the requirements to enter into this Holy Place.
All your ‘works’ will be lost without a trace.

‘But wait’, cried the pastor, I am Mr big man
who always had a great plan
to pull more and more into our big crowd.
I am the one they sing of so loud.

Then he heard the dreaded word he got
Depart from me, I know you not.
All your works were in vain
for you avoided the gospel train.

You glorified yourself and not our Lord
so now everything you did is void.

All of you worshiped this man and not God at all
So now you all will with him, fall.
All of your riches perish with you
for you failed to give Jesus the honour that was his due.

As the crowd began to weep and wail
they were told the sad tale
Depart from me into everlasting fire
My salvation was never for hire.

By: Jo Smith……. September 6, 2020

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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