They Cling To Man

As I watched the ministry of Benny Hinn last night, I realized something very important to any who wish to get something from God.
People by the thousands flock to these kinds of minister’s meetings, hoping that this minister, man, will somehow call them out and minister to them.
They go there wanting something from that MAN.

A very few get this, for in respect of common sense, that MAN can only minister to a very few. No time for the others, as that would take all night and a few more days.

So, the vast majority go away disappointed and still lacking their spiritual needs.
All because they are looking to a human man to do this for them. it cannot be done that way. Even if that man does put his hands on you and say a few things, even heal you, you are still not in touch with the Almighty God.

You need only for God to touch you. He does not need the help of any human being. It is done by God’s SPIRIT.

Whether in a church, a tent or at home, all it takes is for you to worship God; reach out to God. God is not limited to your preacher, your church, or anything else.

Benny Hinn, and all the others out there cannot do for you what only God can do. So, no need to go out disappointed. Seek to God and only to God; forget that man and God will fulfill his words to you, IF YOU OBEY HIS WORDS.

When some wolf tells you that God’s blessings, salvation or anything else is UNCONDITIONAL, they are lying to you and blocking you from receiving anything from God. ALL OF THE THINGS OF GOD ARE CONDITIONAL.

you repent…
If you are baptized correctly…
if you sanctify your life to God…
If you believe in your heart….
If you confess with your mouth…..if, if …if…

Where did they come up with this false doctrine that God requires nothing of you?

If you want God, read his word and do what he tells you from the apostles of Jesus.

No other way is going to get you into the kingdom of Christ. People clinging to their sins are NOT GOING IN.

Jo Smith

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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