The Open Bible KJV

I had this bible for awhile now. But saw a review on it and thought I would pull it out. In each book of this Bible it explains the following:

  1. The Book: Explains about the overall book.
  2. The Author: In depth background on the person that is the author of the particular book.
  3. The Time: An in depth explanation of the time that the book was written.
  4. The Christ: In each book of this Bible it gives you explanations and scripture proof of where Christ eluded to. Each book has it. Which is why this bible is very interesting to me since I look for Jesus in the OT.
  5. Keys: Each book of this Bible explains Key verses and/or words. The symbol to identify it
    • Survey: This would explain some prophecies that are in each book. With an explanation of some of them in selected chapters of each book.

We then see an outline of each book. It is quite an extensive outline.

Hope you enjoy and I type up some more highlights from this Bible in the coming weeks.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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