the fourth horse

to any who care:

The ‘death’ on the 4th horse, death, is the DEATH that we die to self, when we become baptized into Christ’s death and his resurrection.

Destruction to the body of sin, hell, follows. it is ALL GOOD.

We ALL came out of the Water, the seas. We were all ‘fish’ in the sea waiting for the gospel NET to catch us. But it is in the sea till the beginning of JUDGEMENT.

We are all still in the NET, in the water…the sea.

Jesus said at the end of the world, he would send his angels and they will pull the net to shore and separate the bad fish from the good fish.

The NET gathered of ALL KINDS. We were all in that room when the King came to see the guests.

do you have on the wedding garment?

If you do not have the Holy Ghost, you do not have on a wedding garment.

Jesus will not wed someone who does not have HIS SPIRIT THE HOLY GHOST.


after they pull the net to shore, [no more fishing for souls will be done after that]

the judgment begins….separating the good from the bad…

then it is day six and the resurrection begins happening.

so see, we are all still in day five.

stuff that the Holy ghost just taught me.

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