his name

The truth of the Book of Revelation has long been lost to this world, beginning with the lie about who wrote it.

Now the whole world calls Jesus the antichrist. sure you do.

you do worship the antichrist and call it Jesus.

sure you do.

It is easy to prove if you study the KJV and seek the truth.

I know for a fact that everything anyone out there says about these things is all LIES.

God has revealed the truth to me. I do not apologize for this statement. It is the truth.

It is too much to try and teach in here this way. few of you read my messages anyway.

but I am responsible to teach it just the same.

I will begin by writing a few things at a time. If you want to see how far off the other teachings are, just keep track of what I am giving out in short segments.

First, you must have his NAME. Whose name? that is the question. The normal consensus is the name of the beast or antichrist.


Revelation is all,,,,, yes, all about Jesus Christ.

So how do you take his name? only one way given . Acts 2:38…. repent and be BAPTIZED IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST FOR THE REMISSION OF SINS.

If your belief or church does not do this and teach this, get away from it as soon as today,.

Believe this word or perish.

that is the only way to HAVE HIS NAME. If you refuse to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, you are not even beginning your journey to Heaven.

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