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  1. Torah faith as contrasted by the faith framed by the religions of avoda zarah.

    Religion totally misses the boat in matters of Torah faith. This faith defined by permitted types of מלאכה, commonly known as justice. This faith shapes the meaning and intent of all the תרי”ג \ 613 Commandments together with the Talmud’s lateral common law legal system. What’s the point of the logic system revelation IF Man abhors justice between and among his fellow Man? The Oral Torah logic format/system spins around a rational method by which to interpret Prophetic mussar. Mussar has zero connections with theological belief dictates.

    Theological belief dictates define all religions of avoda zarah/alien מלאכה. Both Shabbat and the rest of the days of the week spin against acts of forbidden מלאכה – “injustice”. From the vile sale of Josef to Egyptian slavery … to the oppression of Par’o, and how he enslaved all Israelites… forbidden מלאכה not just limited to the acts of building the Mishkan/Tabernacle of the Congregation. The construction of the Mishkan, Israel dedicated the souls of their children to not do forbidden actions of theft, oppression, ערוה, and judicial bribery ie forbidden מלאכה.

    As מלאכה defines Torah justice. Sin and belief in the Devil: defines Xtian avoda zarah. Paul justified the theology of belief in JeZeus as the false messiah based upon his absurd theory of ‘Original Sin’. A perversion of the Torah comparable to how the Rambam’s statute law halachot perverted Talmudic common law. Both this and that established new religions of avoda zarah. The Rambam has his famous 13 points of theological belief, something like the Nicene Creed.

    All religions of avoda zarah spin around the central axis of some cult of personality. From christ, to mohammad, to buddha all belief systems dictate a theology and creed that followers of that religion MUST believe. The church murdered and tortured people who embraced opposing theological beliefs. The 30 Years War, killed about as many as did WWI, Protestants and Catholics slaughtered one another because the Protestant Cross stripped Jesus from off its crucifix; combined with Protestant rejection of the cult of Mary, and her eternal virginity.

    Avoda zarah makes God or Gods the focus of the faith parameters. The Torah by stark contrast makes justice as the focus of faith; all generations equally bear the moral burden to live just lives. A key Torah negative commandment defines the 2nd Sinai commandment not to worship avoda zarah through the common law precedent: the negative commandment not to assimilate to foreign cultures and customs and not to marry Goyim, whose people never accepted the revelation of Sinai & Horev. Avoda zarah emphasizes a Universal scope of faith.

    Oral Torah logic as opposed by ancient Greek philosophy spins solely around the axis of interpreting the mussar commanded by and within the Books of the T’NaCH prophets. Plato and Aristotle’s logic have Universal applications as does Hegel logic format which Marx, Lenin, and the Bolsheviks later embraced.

    Torah faith spins around the oath sworn lands, only within the brit Republic of Tribes can Jews observe Talmudic common law as expressed through lateral courtrooms. Religious Orthodox Judaism perverts the Beit Din courts. The Orthodox Beit Din fails to assign a court judge to serve each of the opposing parties in a legal conflict – prosecutor and defence. הלכה למעשה/practical halacha\ today, consequent to the Rambam Civil War, has assimilated to Roman statute law rather than Jewish common law.

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  2. History: the study of past dead generations vs. Prophetic mussar – the rebuke to all generations living.

    The Talmud views the stories in the T’NaCH NOT as history but rather prophetic mussar. The “Aggadita” communicated within the first Book of בראשית, all these Torah characters teach prophetic mussar RATHER than physical historical reality. The Aggaditic stories from Adam, Noach, the Avot and the children of Israel who descend unto Egyptian g’lut — all these personages communicate Aggadita mussar stories. The story of Israel enslaved in Egypt by Par’o and redeemed by Moshe — also only an Aggadita mussar story.

    The T’NaCH Aggadic mussar stories do not define Jewish ancient history but rather these codifications describe the cultures and customs developed by an ancient people known today as the Jewish people. A people do not develop culture and customs out of thin air. But this essential fact does “convert” the Hebrew T’NaCH literature into a collection of history books, despite their ancient origins of these ancient stories. That the authors and framers of these collection of Books, all written a long time ago … the k’vanna of all these aggadic works contained within T’NaCH literature – T’NaCH aggadic mussar stories, NOT concrete actual histories of ancient Israel.

    This subtle distinction of k’vanna/intent\ separates Torah faith from Xtian and Muslim faiths. The latter “holy” books absolutely depend on and requires concrete depictions of a physical history, rather than an abstract aggadic mussar. Xtianity cannot exist without a physical Jesus. Rava, a later Amorah Gemarah sage, expresses a totally opposing idea – – the Talmud refers to Job as an imaginary man!

    This warp/weft concrete/abstract\emotional Talmudic “loom”, it weaves the fabric of all Talmudic literature, which always separates concrete realist halacha from its opposing abstract emotional/aggadic ideas. This distinct division within and throughout the whole of the Talmud, it fundamentally defines how the Sages perceived the relationship between Torah commandments. vs.Torah common law/משנה תורה.

    Obviously, the translation of the ancient Hebrew prophetic mussar texts have greatly interested alien foreign Goyim scholars. Despite the hard fact that Goyim scholarship ignored the Order and organization of the Torah, known as פ/chapter and ס\sub-chapter (פרק\סוגיה). Biblical translators unilaterally imposed a completely different Order and organization upon the Torah. Commonly known today as the Chapters and verses of the bible.

    This Goyification of the Hebrew T’NaCH likewise prioritizes the history of Biblical actual – real-life characters, but totally and completely ignores prophetic mussar expressed through Aggadic abstract emotions of our shared and collective humanity! This foreign European viewpoint has shaped and defined the religions of both Xtianity and Islam. The perversion of ancient Hebrew culture and customs into artificial “actual” physical history, this tumah corruption of the T’NaCH has changed and perverted the message of the whole of the T’NaCH.

    Church arrogance views the Talmud with extreme hostility. The Talmudic sages who read the T’NaCH as prophetic mussar/aggadita, which separates and distinguishes between abstract tohor vs. tumah middot spirits, this most basic and fundamental T’NaCH mussar, the church fathers utterly despise, discounted, and ignored. Hebraic prophetic mussar simply did not fit the ‘Good News’ narrative which new testament proponents actively desire to promote.

    Therefore, the church fathers in total derision, they denied the existence of all Oral Torah common law – linked to prophetic mussar, by means of the Aggadic portions within the Talmud – according to the פרדס kabbalah as taught by Rabbi Akiva, and all the sages within the Talmud. The church simply preferred to burn the Talmud rather than consider or objectively weigh the essential perspective of Jewish Torah authorities and Talmudic scholars.

    Starting with the Apostle Paul, Goyim religious leaders, authorities, and scholars condemned any attempt to Judaize Xtianity. The early church leadership emphatically rejected the category of being just another Jewish heretical subset within Jewish culture and traditions. The church therefore strove to develop its own unique set of cultures and traditions which shapes the different European civilizations and societies of Europe & Russia.


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