end of satan

something that God just gave me; something I have wondered about a long time.

Since God gave this earth to Adam; gave dominion to Adam, gave God-power to Adam…. had not tested Adam all the way…. ended up Adam could not be trusted with all this power….he used it for evil..

set up ‘church’ type worship to take worship away from God’s way,, spirit and truth.

set up holidays as worship to himself… etc.


BUT GOD is terribly displeased with the evil way that Adam is doing things.

but still God cannot take it away!!!


God made a way for someone else to do this!!!

God raised up a human man, to pay the price for all sin… God tested HIM ALL THE WAY.

GOD HAD TO PROVE THAT JESUS WOULD OBEY GOD ALL THE WAY,,,,,, even to that horrible death.


God has a trust-worthy Son that he can give all his power to and trust with it.

Now.. now. we have a way out….Now God has someone on God’s throne who can and will

destroy satan/adam,,, and take this earth away from the evil clutches of adam.

Jesus will end this evil and then… glory to God… rule this earth is goodness, righteousness and put an end to all violence, sickness, and death.

God could not do it….. he had to raise up a human being who could be trusted with God-power to put an end to evil satan/adam.

as you sin, do holidays, uphold the evil way of church, you are taking sides with evil, adam, satan and have become God’s enemy.

the entire world is now joining up as ONE in order to put an end to the plan of God of setting Jesus up as this earth’s king.

God showed me this many years ago in a dream that I am just beginning to understand.

The evil angels that followed Adam are also joining in on this plan to overthrow Jesus and retain Adam as the evil king of earth.

all liars are helping overthrow the kingship of Jesus. You are helping the wicked one retain his hold on this earth; even as it gets worse and worse.

Satan, who is Adam, is seeking to draw as many people over to his side as he can and deprive Jesus of the people that he died to purchase.

you who love the ways of this world are clinging to the devil that will destroy you.

Satan/Adam has realized

listen to this

satan has come to see what Jesus said…..that IF SATAN BE DIVIDED AGAIN SATAN HIS KINGDOM WILL HAVE AN END.


is the revelation that God just gave to me:

Satan is now seeking to join the entire world, his kingdom, together and no longer be fighting against itself.!!!!

That is what this is all about…. to get the kingdom of satan united so it will not fall!!!!

Jo Smith ,,,, Dec 30, 2022

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