split time

Split time

By: Jo Smith

wow, look at this. I posted it last night, but it was written back in 2008. See it is EXACTLY the same message above that I was given this morning in 2019. proof. I asked God yesterday to feed me. He gave me this in the message above and here it is the very same message that I wrote the last day of 2008:….. Here is a partial part of my message on the Thunders. I am only going to post part at a time for now. I am still trying to get it all typed up and saved. wears my fingers out.

Now as I read this, on Dec 31, 2008, (just now trying to pick back up on this message and continue writing it), God showed me something else on the above. First, He showed me that the ‘beast’ which ascends up out of that bottomless pit and makes war against the saints and overcomes them, and KILLS them, actually is our own selves, as we rise out of that pit, of a carnal church or understanding, and begin to walk in the Light or Life, or the TRUTH. We then obey the Word of God to MORTIFY the deeds of the body, so we may LIVE. We now bury this old man, the bottomless pit, of our humanity, and baptize it into the DEATH of Jesus and raise it up again, to walk in the newness of LIFE. So we overcome that old man, and kill him, and let him lay DEAD in the streets, for everyone to see, that our old man is dead and no longer lives after the lusts of the flesh or the world. Glory, WHAT A REVELATION! Never saw this before, God has answered my prayer, as I prayed at the beginning of this, to show me more of this glorious truth.

Some of the following message, beginning with the fourth Thunder, I wrote back on Nov 30, a month ago. But right now, I am writing this on Dec. 31. Funny, I wrote on the last day of November, and not again until the last day of December. From Thunder four on down, I wrote on Nov 30.

Now He also opened this up to me: I had studied on this in November, so I received the answer to it now. I saw then, that there had to be a split time, a HALF-time. See, anything that is ‘halved’ means it was split into two parts. Now watch this. The thousand two hundred and sixty days is the same amount of TIME as the time, times and half a time. They are both showing three and a half years. But remember, this is NOT speaking about man’s time. It is not any certain amount of time. It shows a spiritual thing.

So the thousand two hundred and sixty days pertain to the ministry of the first witness, that Apostolic Church, which began at Pentecost. Their time in power, as a witness of God, was the first half of that WEEK. See how carnal-minded men, guessing at these things, have totally hidden it from the eyes of everyone. They came up with a seven-year tribulation period. This is not taught in Scripture, nor does it fit any prophecy which is given in the word.

Until one can see the seven DAYS in Genesis One, in the correct and revealed manner, they will never be able to see any of this either. See, learning the TRUTH of God’s word is really BUILDING A BUILDING. We must BUILD a house. We must lay a perfect and correct FOUNDATION, then lay each other layer upon that true Foundation. My entire ministry is built on this: The True Foundation.

Until that right foundation is in place, or your understanding, none of the rest of the Word of God will ever become clear to you. It all depends on the right foundation. As long as you hold to the false teachings of that bottomless pit, you will never get any true revelation. Believing in an INCARNATE GOD is that false foundation, which will crumble and burn. No true HOUSE of God can be built on that false, sand foundation.

See the DAYS in Genesis one, is the life or kingdom of Jesus Christ. It begins with his birth, earthly life, and then his death, and resurrection into the glorious image of God. Then it goes into the ministry of that first witness, the Apostolic Church of which Peter had the key. That was the thousand two hundred and sixty days, or a three and a half years, (not our time), of the first HALF OF THAT WEEK, in Genesis One.

Now there has to be the other HALF OF THAT WEEK. So the time, times and half a time, is that other HALF. See, this is also three and a half years. (Remember this is not man’s time. Now I see this clearly for the first time. God has given me this tonight. Dec 31, 2008. So that first witness, or the Church in the days of the Apostles, had that first half of the week. It is the beginning of those DAYS in Genesis One. On the third day, is the resurrection. Jesus was raised from the dead on the THIRD Day. I know it shows the crucifixion on the sixth day. But remember this is not man’s time. Each DAY has a spiritual MEANING, NOT TIME. If you do not know the Scriptures, and have a spiritual mind, being taught by the Holy Ghost, it will be impossible for you to ever understand this message. So to most people, this will be just so much idle talk. But never mind, to the true Children of God, with that anointing teaching them, it will be the WOMAN, BEING FED BY THAT WITNESS OF GOD.

The true people of God will understand, but none of the wicked shall understand. God is giving me these words now, as I write this. Praise His Holy Name.

So when you put their half of the WEEK, and out half of the WEEK, each being three and a half, then you come up with the full WEEK OR THE SEVEN DAYS OF GENESIS ONE. So the entire time of those two witnesses makes up the full ministry or prophecy of Jesus Christ. If you do it to the least of his brethren, you do it to him. He is upon the face of these WATERS. He is in us. He speaks through us. It is his ministry, so to mock this, is to mock Jesus. His entire ministry from the day of his earthly birth, until he sets feet back on this earth, is that week in Genesis.

The darkness on earth is the OT law system of time.

That week is split into, as the first witness was killed and Satan’s church took over. But see, that the witnesses were raised back to life and stood on their feet. That is the resurrection of the dry bones in Ezekiel 37. It is the army of God, standing again on this earth, in full power and anointing of God. It will be. Nothing can stop it. As surely as Peter stood on this earth, his shadow healing people, we will rise again to full power of God and bring the wrath of the Lamb on this earth. That will be the time, times and half a time, or the second half of Jesus’ Week, or ministry. (See how that without a knowledge of truth about the two witnesses, no one could possibly ever understand any of this! See how God has led us each step of the way, one step at a time, revelation upon revelation, line upon line, precept upon precept, until the Whole is filled and His kingdom is come upon earth). Also, not understanding that the Saints of God, the Christians, are the Israel of God, led men like Scofield to get all of this wrong, and try to lay it back to that old nation of Israel, totally messing up the ability to get any of this right. There was indeed a split of time’, but it was of those two power-filled Churches. The SEAT of Satan, in those seven churches, came in between those two anointed WITNESS CHURCHES.

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