two-edged sword

From: joie (Original Message) Sent: 11/8/2003 3:12 PM

~~ The Two-Edged Sword ~~

Early this morning, Nov. 8, 2003, I rose up very early and read my last message, Two Nations in one. I lay back down to try to go back to sleep, but my mind kept thinking of that message. In just a few minutes God had shown me this message, The Two-Edged Sword.

I praise my God today for having mercy [grace] on me and revealing His Glorious Word to me. I had just finished praying for God to feed me His Bread from Heaven, and almost immediately He began to reveal this to me.

In my message, Two Nations in One, I stated that the fact of God having written on both the backside and the front side of those two tables of stone showed the two covenants. And that is true. But at that time I thought the law was written on the backside and the front side. I thought this was very peculiar, since there are only Ten Commandments written on those stones. Actually I don’t think I had ever realized until doing that message that the stones were written on both sides. So this was new to me.

Moses threw down those original stones, which God himself had hewed out and written upon, and broke them. I said this showed God breaking that first old covenant of law. And this is true. But what I did not realize then was truly what that other set of stones represent. I had also missed at that time what was written on the backside of those stones.

So the revelation of what was written on the backside of those stones is what gave me this message of the two edged sword.

Now let’s look first at where this is all coming from. Adam was the first Son of God. He was created as a perfect, beautiful being. He is described in his original perfection there in Ezekiel 28. Yes that glorious cherub was Adam before he fell. He went from that perfect, immortal state to being a mortal, fallen man in a body of dust. Thus he was a stone written on both sides. He had immortality on the front or first side. He had mortality or death on the back or second side.

This is reversed with the second son, Jesus. He was first mortal, in a body of dust; death. After he was ‘broken’ there at Calvary, then he came forth in another form, immortal. On his front side was mortality or death, which is under the law covenant. But on his back side, or second side was immortality or eternal life. So the first Son Adam started out as perfect and immortal. He then went into mortality or death. The Second Son, Jesus started out as mortal, or death, under law. But then He was changed into immortal, grace, eternal life.

The process was reversed with these two sons, which were these two covenants. Abraham had two sons. Ishmael, the first son was by a bondmaid. He represented the law, mortality, death, and darkness. The other son was by a freewoman, Sarah. This was Isaac. He represented the grace covenant, eternal life, freedom. Both these sons came from the same man. Thus they represent the changing from the first covenant to the second covenant. It is the changing from law to grace. Law is the bondage as Peter confirmed in Acts 15. Grace is freedom. Bondage, law brings death. Freedom, grace brings life. This is why Sarah the Mother of the free son, is also called our Mother, the rock from whence we were hewn. Isaiah 51:1. Hearken to me, ye that follow after righteousness, ye that seek the Lord: look unto the rock whence ye are hewn, and to the hole of the pit whence ye are digged.

2. Look unto Abraham your father, and unto Sarah that bare you: for I called him alone, and blessed him, and increased him.

This Scripture is speaking to the Christians, the free people.

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