All Power

18¶And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

Has anyone truly studied this one scripture?
Please read it carefully. And explain to me what power was given to Jesus from heaven? What power was given to Jesus from the earth?

This was said AFTER THE RESURRECTION. He changed and was very powerful after the resurrection. But please remember that Jesus BEFORE HE DIED ALSO HAD POWER. That was the power of God. So, did God give him permanently all the power to dominate earth? And everything on it?
Adam had dominance over the birds and flying things. He never had dominance over fleshly beings. I do not believe he had dominance over the clouds or the air.

Sorry! I was just trying to figure out something about Adam and Jesus.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

2 thoughts on “All Power

  1. Jesus said I can of my own self do nothing. that was before his resurrection. All the mighty works that he did was by faith in God. After his resurrection, he was given all the very same power that God himself has. He now rules as God. This does not mean that God lost his power. It means that now Jesus has the same power. God is now allowing Jesus to rule as God both in heaven and on earth. Adam was the first head over mankind meaning he ruled the earth. Adam was never given power in heaven and that is what he will never be given due to his rebellion against God.


  2. That is what Adam never had…He disobeyed God and lost it all. Even what little he had..Jesus has what Adam wanted. That is why Adam is Satan. Someone else took his place. Most people do not know or understand what we are talking about. But all of what we discuss is right there in scriptures. I gave scripture above about what I was talking about. Hopefully many will read this and join in the discussion.


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