To Anyone Who May Read This

wow, look what I found going through some of my old stuff. was strongly warning you all back then. and still I see no results…are there any that truly care? any who repent?

Dec 19, 2008#2
To anyone who may read this:
God cannot and will not move in His great power and blessings, in convictions of sins, salvation of souls, healing of the sick, raising the dead, giving you visions, holy dreams, shaking towns for his glory, etc, in people who are lukewarm,,,,,,,who are caught up in holidays,,,,,gift exchanging,,,,,,,,parties,,…xmess plays,,,,,,easter egg hunts….sunrise devil worship,…. jesus birthday parties……TV watching……movies watching….all kinds of evil and worldly mess in your lives…..reading trashy novels….wallowing in filthy porn….books and pictures…..cusing, drunkonness, and all such ungodly actions…… will never have a great move of God living this kind of life…….is any out there who care?

do you care enough to spend a few hours in prayer and seeking God? Seek for visions and gifts of God to help the sheep of God… you study the word seeking truth with which to grow and feed the sheep?///do you care???is your flesh that important to you…….that you walk away from God and live in lukewarm vomit?

what if God calls you or your loved one out into eternity today or tomorrow? did you try to get them to God? Did you live a life in front of them which would cause them to know God is real? and eternity is real and waiting each of us? Where do you stand today? Are you involved with your ungodly holidays? setting up that heathen tree and decorating it against God’s Holy Command? Are you more into gift wrapping and foolishness than worshipping God and praying and seeking His power to be in your life?

Can you heal the sick? Can you even pray for them in faith? Do you care? Is one day a week all you give to your ‘god’? what do you do with the rest of your time? does it not bother any of you that the power of God has been lost to our generation and the children growing up now do not know or see God at work?

God is holding each and EVERY one of us responsibly to teach, heal, show God to the people. do not think that just because you claim not to be a minister, or just because you ‘got saved’ at one time, that you will make it to heaven living this sort of life. It is a delusion of Satan. Better get away if you can, while you can.

If you no longer care to seek God, study his word, testify of his goodness, discern spirits and pray to cast out devils, bring peace into homes, correct those who live ungodly, or anything you see the early Church and apostles did, then know that you have fallen away from your own steadfastness and will end up in the darkness of Satan if you continue in your indifferent way toward God.

Now I just felt led to admonish with this. If no one reads it, fine. I said what God laid on my heart. Living for God has not one thing to do with your little ‘going’ to some ‘church’. You had better wake up, get a steady prayer-life, study that word, testify, pray for the sick. and do what God said do…..abstain from sin, live a holy, Godly life. Nothing else will get you into His kingdom at the end of the way.


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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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