Eve Repented and Returned To Grace

Until you know the truth of God’s word, do not attempt to slander it or teach it. You could just set for yourself, unneeded pain and punishment.

God requires one thing before he forgives sin. this one thing is REPENTANCE. Adam never once repented. He willfully and knowingly sinned against God. Eve did not. She was deceived by her hypocrite, (serpent) husband.

When she saw the wrong, she REPENTED and was forgiven. She then lived one of the holiest and persecuted lives of anyone else, ever.
The last time she is mentioned in Scripture, she is held up as the example for all to follow, as to being holy, full of faith and sobriety, bearing children unto God.
People never study the word of God, seek truth, and find it.

so they slander the most precious thing in existence: the Word of God.
they are too carnal minded to find its great truth.
they listen to carnal-minded preachers, who are out to be PAID = THE MARK OF THE BEAST.
Therefore, they never find truth.

first, you must learn WHAT WAS THAT TREE? Romans 3:20, clearly says, by the LAW IS THE KNOWLEDGE OF SIN.
Romans 4, 5 and 7, clearly show this also. So that tree was LAW.
God did not ever want anyone under the law, killing animals, etc.

read Isa 1 and 66. also 65.
Eve praised God for the birth of her children. Adam never once praised God. His sin, before Eve was even made, in Eze 28, was WANTING TO BE GOD, ABOVE GOD, AND TO BE WORSHIPED.
where there is no LAW THERE IS NO SIN.

So, without going into the law, they would not have sinned. Eve repented and returned to GRACE. Only by Grace can one be saved. She is called the Mother of all LIVING, showing herself to be one with New Jerusalem, the city of God.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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