Come Out of Your Religious Darkness

a bit of testimony…. and a lesson in why church people are too indoctrinated to even hope to learn God’s truth or his Love for those who see something that their blinded eyes do not see…
Several years ago, I attended a certain church meeting. The person supposed to be teaching, had heard that I did not believe that Jesus is God. Of course that is what he and the church believed.
Brother Larry was there on this night. sure he will remember this.
The man preaching totally changed what he was speaking about, in mid-sermon and began to kind of Pick at us about Jesus being God.
Finally he seemed to get very frustrated and stopped, put his hands on his hips in a kind of jeering mode, and said, kind of snapping it out….’you do believe Jesus is God, don’t you?”

Since he had stopped his preaching and plain out asked us that question, I said, out loud, No, I do not.
Brother Larry was sitting toward the back, and he said, I do not either.
That preacher got so mad he was just sputtering and did not speak much longer.

After they dismissed the service, I asked the man, ‘ what did Peter answer when Jesus asked him, who do you say that I am’.
His answer was so mumbled and jumbled up, it did not even sound like he said one English word. He KNEW he could not answer that according to the Word of God, for it would blow his claim right out the window.
I said to him, No that is not what he said. He said, ‘thou art the Christ, the SON OF THE LIVING GOD.’.

With that I turned around, for some reason, and I was so shocked… he had said to me, ‘all of these people in here believe Jesus is God, you think they are all wrong?’
I turned around and every single person in that building was GLARING at me with such hatred in their eyes, and a look of threat that it made my ‘blood run cold’, so to speak. I was totally shocked at the hatred in all of their eyes… I mean folks I thought were my friends. (shows you dare not try and show church people any truth)

I am telling you, the same old religious spirit that caused millions of Christians to be killed and tortured, was in those people. I truly think that If I had continued to discuss this issue with that man, those people would have jumped on me and hurt me. They wanted to; that was plain to see. ( I make the mistake of ‘thinking’ that these people, church people, really want truth and wish to discuss it, for I love it. But I have learned that this is so far from the truth, it is dangerous to try and show them anything).

This religious spirit that does not want to learn God’s truth, is in all religions, not just the Catholics. I mean every denomination that I have ever had any dealings with, all have this HATE FOR ANYONE WHO SPEAKS contrary to their false doctrine.

It is past time that God’s people come out of this religious darkness and seek to know God’s LOVE AND TRUTH. That is not love. That is hate and it will kill and destroy.

Jo Smith.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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