People Reject the Word of God

(taken from one of my websites. someone has deleted many messages out of the one I called the main one. many of my messages are gone.)
this one shows why people cannot and will ever accept what God has given to me.

Many years ago, back when God was just beginning to teach me his word, He said to me,– No one will be able to copy what you are teaching. No one will be able to pick it up and pretend God gave it to them first. No one will be able to hypocrite this message which I am giving you.–

Now I know the unbelievers mock me when I say things which God told me. But I am telling you, if you belong to God, if he is your father, he will speak to you and guide you.

If he does not speak to you, you do not belong to him. If He does not know you BY NAME, you are none of his.

The word clearly teaches this in both OT and NT.

Now when God told me that, it really puzzled me. Some of the things I told back them, prophecies God gave me, some of the people I had dealings with at that time, would pretend they already knew it. I knew that did not and that it was hypocricy. So I could not imagine how I would have a message which no one else could pick up on.

But now that I understand the truth of God’s word as he has given it to me, I fully understand why no one can hypocrite with this message.

They simply cannot accept its truth, because it is totally contrary to everything any church already teaches. It crosses all their doctrine. It defies everything man has given out since the Apostles lived.


They are under strong delusion, because they have not received a love for the truth.

Everywhere I go to teach, I am immediately attacked and then dismissed as evil. They will not ever seek to find out if it is true or not. They truly do not wish to know!
People run from the , Adam is Satan, message as if it were the most poisonous snake in this world! Yet it is solidly proven in Scripture.

See? They simply cannot take this truth, because it defies all they have already been taught.

If they are a minister, they KNOW they could not find a place to minister, (and get their pay) if they teach this message, that JESUS IS NOT GOD…..was not God in flesh……that there is no such thing as INCARNATION.
That there is no such thing as RAPTURE.
that there is no such things as a trinity god.

That women and men, in Christ, are the same, no difference…we are all ONE in Christ.

wE ARE all equals in Christ. No one is to rule over anyone else in CHRIST.

Law is different from Grace. Our Sabbath is the Holy Ghost.

Now let someone fake this message and try to teach it to receive glory for themselves. It cannot be done…because this truth brings only REPROACH FOR THE TRUTH OF CHIRST.

They do not wish to bear the REPROACH OF CHIRST. No one glorifies me when they hear what God gave me. They all, almost all, attack me as some kind of evil thing. Go see the evil spoken against me in Bro Bryans site. And that is mild to what I have received at some others. I have been called every evil in the books simply for speaking this simple truth, that Jesus is God’s son, and not God.
That our sabbath is the Holy Ghost and not some day of the week! I especially get called Jim Jones. That is a favorite with some folks. Just anything to turn people away from me, so they will not hear the truth. it is satan at work.

Many years ago, I prayed and asked God to let the reproaches of HiM fall on me…….the glory of God almost took me out of the room when I said those words……..HE HAS ANSWERED IT GREATLY.

I have the worst reputation on the internet……a man told me personally that there is not a church in the land I could stand and teach in. he is surely right. but it matters not……God told me get out of all of them anyway.

If he wishes for me to minister these great truths anywhere, he will make a way.

But ministers today are HIRELINGS. …meaning they preach for pay. that is the mark of the beast… they KNOW no church is going to pay them to tear down everything they already set their heart to believe………they will not put up with a minister telling them they have to study for themselves and pray for themselves, and heal the sick themselves.etc. etc.

See? Now I fully understand why God told me that and how it is. No person yet has jumped on this and picked it up, except the very few who really do see the truth also.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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