7 Heads

simple lesson:
the 7-headed beast is the OT law system,, everything about it…. animal sacrifices, priests, tithing, break the law be killed. et.
the church made the image to this beast.. must be subject to pastor/preacher, must tithe, must be there go nowhere else.etc.

Jesus Was the seventh head of that OT law system that lasted only a short while.. three 1/2 years.. then he was killed, and went into hell…. then he was brought out of death and became the last head of mankind and there will never be another.

if you worship that law system/beast you will be lost…. means…keepig y0our idols.santa,,,egghunts.. halloween..ballgames. all worldly stuff…is worshipt to thie beast.

Jesus was a human MAN. died,went to hell for all our sins..then became both Lord and Christ….. a new creation of God.. the very first MANCHILD. it is the
third creation
third heaven. Now go vine this info at church.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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