The Light

Just found this as I am going back through my BOTTF:

[A Poem God gave to me tonight]*

The Light

Out of the darkness, came forth a light

He said, follow me with all your might

And you shall not dwell in the night.

Why oh Why, will you turn to me your back

And not listen to God?

You will never lack

And you will run where the apostles have trod;

Only when you follow the light.

Go up. Go up to Pentecost. There is no other way.

With stammering lips and another tongue;

This is the promise of that glorious day

When you will dwell in the light.

Isaiah 28 led the way and told of the time

When the Light would come and make you mine.

But they said, No, We will not Spirit be-led.

We wish to remain in our darkened bed.

Isaiah 29 again tells how the deaf would hear

Only then could one ‘read the Book’ when the Light is near.

In the darkness, they hide, for God closed their eyes,

And covered their prophets and seers. Yet they cling to their lies.

Those who came to Pentecost, could now see.

No prophet need we, for we are filled with Thee.

Jesus turned things up-side down and gave us Grace.

But the lovers of Law fell backwards and are lost without a trace.

Isaiah 30 speaks to the rebels who still wish to cover with the law

The Son is not enough, say they; We must abide the prophets of old.

So they turned their back; having a bridle in their jaw

Causing them to err and their souls they have sold.

God offered them rest; but they refused saying No, on horses will we flee.

So they fell backwards returning to the vomit of being led by man and not thee.

But the Light of those who found Grace, will be as the light of seven days.

His Voice leads us into his Ways.

This is the only place of safety; the Light; Grace; Truth.

Come to the Light while it is called Today. Night cometh upon the souls who refuse.

By Jo Smith….. March 11, 2013

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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