The Darkness Before The Dawn

Title: The Darkness Before The Dawn Register:11/15/2008 7:00 PM Date Posted:11/24/2014 2:16 AM From: joie (Original Message) Sent: 12/5/2003 9:45 AM The Darkness Before the Dawn By David Sisler The Song of Solomon is one of the most exciting books in the Old Testament. It is also one of the world’s greatest love poems. AnContinue reading “The Darkness Before The Dawn”

The Rapture Question

Register:11/15/2008 7:00 PM Date Posted:11/24/2014 2:18 AM From: joie (Original Message) Sent: 8/17/2002 10:19 PM The Rapture Question In the 110 Psalm we read the following: (this is copied from Truth Seekers, 2000) P.s. sure hope they do not mind- (with people would copy and carry our messages – to spread the truth more— aContinue reading “The Rapture Question”


Announcement: Close Old Aimoo this month Build on the True Foundation BuildonthetruefoundationAimoo Forum List | Ticket | Today | Member | Search | Who’s On | Help | Sign In | RSS | Join Aimoo on Facebook! Title: Love Buildonthetruefoundation > General > Discussions Go to subcategory: Author Content Tweety134 Rank:Acts Score:81600 Posts:1771 From:USA Register:11/15/2008Continue reading “Love”

There Sons of Japeth

Here is the line of Japheth,   The Sons of Japheth Japheth means “enlargement” or “extension.” Indeed, his posterity spread over all the earth. Fourteen descendants (seven sons and seven grandsons) are listed:   1. Gomer (Gen. 10:2-3; 1Chr. 1:5-6), the progenitor of the ancient Galatians and Phrygians, from which came the natives of northernContinue reading “There Sons of Japeth”

Descendants of Shem

Here is the linage of SHEM:   The Sons of Shem 1. Elam (Gen. 10:22; 1Chr. 1:17), progenitor of the Elamites who settled near the Persian Gulf (Gen. 14:1,9; Isa. 11:11; 21:2; 22:6; Jer. 25:25; 49:34-39; Ezek. 32:24; Dan. 8:2).   2. Asshur (Gen. 10:11,22; 1Chr. 1:17), progenitor of the Assyrians (Num. 24:22-24; Ezek. 27:23;Continue reading “Descendants of Shem”