Judeo-Christian Scriptures: Symbolism in Book of Revelation

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Judeo-Christian Scriptures:  Symbolism in Book of Revelation By Nicholas J. Frederick Assistant Professor of Ancient Scripture, Brigham Young University Symbolism in the Book of Revelation The book of Revelation is filled with symbolism that can be difficult to interpret. The following charts can be used as a tool to help…

Does God Forbid A Women to Preach?

« Women in Christ Does God forbid women to preach?   Jo Smith Administrator Dec 6, 2008 at 9:33pm   Quote From: Isaiah Sent: 12/18/2004 8:55 AM Tom, by saying that a Woman can not preach or she is to remain silent, you are going back to the law which is the curse.You just asContinue reading “Does God Forbid A Women to Preach?”