What Was Opened? What Is Blinded?

~~ What was,  what is  Blinded?   What was opened?~~ 11Cor. 3: 14.  But their minds were blinded: Eph. 1: 18 The eyes of your understanding being enlightened Eph. 2: 3.  Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and ofContinue reading “What Was Opened? What Is Blinded?”

Jerusalem Killed All The Prophets?

Date Posted:08/22/2011 11:38 PM This is an answer to the question at Yahoo, concerning Mat 23, where Jesus said, Jerusalem killed all the prophets. this is the revelation God gave to me  when I answered this:**************In this scripture, as in many others, JERUSALEM, is NOT speaking about the earthly city, that people today call, Jerusalem.ThatContinue reading “Jerusalem Killed All The Prophets?”

Law Is Death

Date Posted:08/15/2012 11:46 PMCopy HTML There are/were, two different COVERINGS.  Two different trees, in Eden, or the Word of God.  There were two different PEOPLE.Now,Listen.As in ADAM all DIE.  the LAW is death.  So Adam is the law covenant.  Adam, you were perfect, UNTIL INIQUITY was found in you.God said, the solemn meeting is INIQUITY.Continue reading “Law Is Death”

What About These Other Sabbaths?

From: joie  (Original Message)Sent: 11/13/2003 1:24 AM  OK.  Now let’s let this community see who has the truth of this matter.  Let the one who proves how to keep the Sabbath Holy by the Word of God be the one who has God teaching them truth.  I am on my way.  Care to join me?Now I amContinue reading “What About These Other Sabbaths?”