6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Tweety. titatian or whatever her name is, will not allow my to respond to any of her messages. I have written several but they never show up. I had hoped we had found someone who is genuine but no. I do not trust anyone who will not allow discussion that does not suit them. she does not have the right spirit.


    1. You have to follow her blog. And to reply. Go to the bottom of the post you want to respond to any type your response and hit the arrow on the right side.


    1. The churches are lost. The preachers are lost. How is it way off? You have to unlearn what you have learned. Most of it is a lie. All scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation is about Jesus.
      When Jesus rose from the dead, what image was he in? He was not in our image. He was in the image and likeness of God. And if you go back to Genesis and read. Adam lost the image and likeness of God when he sinned.


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