Eat my flesh

Eat my flesh

Jesus said, except you eat my flesh, you have no life in you.

So what was his flesh, that we must EAT.  How do we eat it?

If it means his human body, tell me, now are  you going to eat that?

John 6:53

Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you

Ezekiel 3

Moreover he said unto me, Son of man, eat that thou findest; eat this roll, and go speak unto the house of Israel. So I opened my mouth, and he caused me to eat that roll. And he said unto me, Son of man, cause thy belly to eat, and fill thy bowels with this roll that I give thee. Then did I eat it; and it was in my mouth as honey for sweetness. …

Genesis 2:16

And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:

Genesis 2:17

But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

Now if you think this is a natural fruit tree, please tell what kind of tree gives us knowledge to eat of it?

Genesis 3:5

For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

So, again how could eating from a natural fruit tree cause their eyes to be opened.

Genesis 3:22

And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:

So what kind of natural fruit tree could cause one to live forever?  Are you not totally carnal minded to this of it that way?  Then why do you think of eating his flesh in this way?

Now let me show you the other eating….. Genesis 27:4

And make me savoury meat, such as I love, and bring it to me, that I may eat; that my soul may bless thee before I die.

Now that is clearly eating with the natural mouth.  Can you not see the difference here?

Isaiah 22:13

And behold joy and gladness, slaying oxen, and killing sheep, eating flesh, and drinking wine: let us eat and drink; for to morrow we shall die.

Again, can’t you see that this is eating naturally?

Now for that different ‘eating’:

Jeremiah 15:16

Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: for I am called by thy name, O Lord God of hosts.

Now can’t you see that this eating is not the natural eating that we do with the mouth?  This is spiritual eating….eating the Word of God means taking it into your MIND and absorbing it, understanding it, obeying it.





Jeremiah 19:9

And I will cause them to eat the flesh of their sons and the flesh of their daughters, and they shall eat every one the flesh of his friend in the siege and straitness, wherewith their enemies, and they that seek their lives, shall straiten them.

Again, if you take this carnally you will end up with foolishness.  He is saying they will have to LISTEN TO THEIR PENTECOSTAL CHILDREN AFTER THEY ARE FILLED WITH THE Holy Ghost.  That is their flesh, or MESSAGE.

Same as with Jesus….   It is the Word of God.

Ezekiel 2:8

But thou, son of man, hear what I say unto thee; Be not thou rebellious like that rebellious house: open thy mouth, and eat that I give thee.

He was giving them the Word.  They were told to EAT IT.

Ezekiel 3:2

So I opened my mouth, and he caused me to eat that roll.

 Do you honestly think he was eating a book?

Ezekiel 3:3

And he said unto me, Son of man, cause thy belly to eat, and fill thy bowels with this roll that I give thee. Then did I eat it; and it was in my mouth as honey for sweetness.

And the capstone of this message:

Revelation 10:9

And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey.

Again, eat a book.  This is Jesus eating the entire Book of God.  And then he feeds it to us, out of his MOUTH.  You must then eat that flesh that he gives us.

Revelation 10:9

And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey.

These are eating the words, or flesh of that harlot church:

Revelation 17:16

And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

These are ‘eating’ the words of the ones that Jesus made to be kings and priests to God”. 

Revelation 19:18

That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great.

Do you truly imagine that they are eating the literal bodies of those kings?  If that is what you think, you truly need to seek for a spiritual mind and stop rebuking those who do have one and try to show you the truth of God’s word, or the flesh of Jesus.

John 4:32

But he said unto them, I have meat to eat that ye know not of.

Here Jesus proves that the meat he is EATING is WORDS, not literal food.’’John 6:50

This is the bread which cometh down from heaven, that a man may eat thereof, and not die.

This is speaking again of the Word of God, not the man, Jesus.

John 6:51

I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.

So, do you really think that Jesus was saying to eat his human body?  Of course not.  It is the Words he speaks or his message.  This is the flesh that the Word became for it is the same flesh that he said we must eat to have eternal life.  We do not and cannot eat his human body.

Here you see that the Jews had the same carnal understanding that all who say the word was made into a little baby have:

John 6:52

The Jews therefore strove among themselves, saying, How can this man give us his flesh to eat?

You also say, how can we eat his human body/flesh?  If that is the flesh that the Word was made into, then eat it.  Bite it and chew it up and swallow it down into your belly.

I know without a doubt that none of you will take the time to read all of this, for you desire NOT the truth.

John 6:53

Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you

Now to prove that the Christ is the Word, Not speaking of the Man, Jesus, but that anointing inside him?

1 Corinthians 10:2-4

King James Version

2 And were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea;

3 And did all eat the same spiritual meat;

4 And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ.

By:  Jo Smith ~~~~~~ October 18, 2022

Church is Not Salvation

Romans 12 King James Version (KJV)

12 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

so…. is it the word of God, the renewing of your mind, by His Word, that causes you to engage in such evils as halloween? xmas? easter? and other such devil worship mess?

Is it the Word of God you stand on as you do this stuff?
Or is it really disobeying the Word of God, A COMMAND FROM GOD…. = BE .. NOT.. CONFORMED…TO THIS WORLD?

IF It is the word of God, PLEASE GIVE ME THE VERSE?

is it the WORLD engaged in these things? or was it the apostles and Jesus? which?

I think you all know the answer and just think that God no longer cares if you directly disobey him, to suit yourself and to conform to this world.

I know; truth does not get much liked or shared. just wonder why? Nope, I know why….church is not salvation.

Cursed or Blessed?

Cursed or blessed Jerusalem? ~~~
By: Jo Smith…. Oct 17, 2020

Malachi 3: 9 Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation.
12 And all nations shall call you blessed: for ye shall be a delightsome land, saith the Lord of hosts.

So, which is it? God said to rightly divide Scripture. Unless you can learn to do this you will miss too much. You must seek for the anointing of God to teach you, or forever believe the lies of satan.
Now Is that old nation of Israel cursed or blessed? It cannot be both. It is impossible to be both blessed and cursed. These are opposites so therefore cannot be true to the same being.

Right here only three verses apart it is said to be cursed and blessed. Some think that God cursed them then turn around and blessed them back again. Not so. God does not work that way. That would be double minded. Do you honestly think that the eternal God goes back and forth?

In order to understand this, one needs to come to see that there was a natural Israel, Jew, Judah, etc. and then there is a spiritual Israel, Jew, etc.
They are not the same thing. They are showing something very big in Scripture, in this world, and I do not know anyone who has ever taught the truth of this.

Natural Israel/Judah, shows the old kingdom of Adam/Satan/tree of the knowledge of good and evil/ law. It shows carnality, natural things versus spiritual things.
The ways of this kingdom, first-man Adam, is sinful, witchcraft and is cursed of God.

The natural Israel or Jews shows this. Their being in Egypt shows our first stage of being sinful, in the world. Their coming out of Egypt shows our beginning journey with God. We are into a wilderness, seeking to learn the ways of God. We are being translated out of the kingdom of Satan into the kingdom of Christ Jesus.
But along the way, many fall backwards and do not make it. This is as those Israelites kept going back to their idols and sins. They never became spiritual or had any faith.

Those old Israelites, or Jerusalem, never got beyond their love for idols. They never followed God with their hearts. He bore with them a long time but finally reached a time that He would no longer bear with their evil. This is the time spoken in our opening verse: ye are cursed even this whole nation.
God was finished with them then and there. They will never come back as a natural nation again. If they did, it would do away with the work of Jesus Christ to bring in a spiritual people, filled with the Spirit and love of God.

3: 1 Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the Lord of hosts.

This is speaking of John the Baptist and Jesus. This is the beginning of the New Jerusalem or a spiritual Israel or Jew. It is not just for those natural people; it is for the entire world. Those who come to Christ through the Holy Ghost baptism will become part of this spiritual, or BLESSED JERUSALEM.
2 But who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ soap:
3 And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness.
This Levi here is Jesus. It is not the old Levi. This is beginning to show how one becomes of the blessed or spiritual Israel. Romans 2: 28 and 29 show that the true Jew is in the Spirit; not in the flesh.
5 And I will come near to you to judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against false swearers, and against those that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow, and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger from his right, and fear not me, saith the Lord of hosts.
6 For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.
He brings those people to judgment and shows here that he will no longer put up with these sinners. But verse six shows that He did not cut Jacob out of this salvation. But the thing is, they have to come into the New Jerusalem and same as all others do; the Acts 2 way. There is no other acceptable way with God.
If you do not obey Acts 2, you will not be translated out of old Jerusalem or Adam/satan, into Christ or New Jerusalem. Eve is the Mother of this holy city. Adam is over the old sinful city.
Now God continues to bring forth his ‘case’ against this old nation:
7 Even from the days of your fathers ye are gone away from mine ordinances, and have not kept them. Return unto me, and I will return unto you, saith the Lord of hosts. But ye said, Wherein shall we return?
8 Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings
Here they ask God, how do we return to you? Then he said you have robbed me. They say, How. He said in tithes and offerings. Now present day preachers take this and run wild with it, to get you to pay them. That is not what is meant here. This is part of law which God did away with. He is not finished laying out their sins yet. But he is fixing to show them the way into his new Jerusalem or the true Holy City.
In everything they did back then, they robbed God. But God is not going back to that law system with them. That is the thing that he CURSED.
10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

Now the preachers take the above and try to push the ‘church’ into thinking they must do that OT tithing and do it with money.
I wrote a message way back proving that this is not what is meant here so not going into that now. But tithing was NEVER MONEY. It was FOOD. It was stored up to feed the priests and widows and travelers who might pass by and need food. It is the pure type of that we need to feed the children of God the spiritual meat of the Word. That is not being done in today’s churches. All they are getting is lies.
Now back to verse 10: Ask yourself, where and when and how did God ever open the windows of heaven and pour out lots and lots of money to people? It has never happened and never is going to happen. So that is NOT what he is speaking of.
So where and when did God open the windows of heaven and pour out that blessing?

Acts 2: 17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:
18 And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:
Here is where God opened those windows and POURED OUT THAT BLESSING.
You will never find that God poured out anything else to those people. So this is the interpreting verse.

On the Day of Pentecost God poured out that blessing and the New Jerusalem began. There were the first ones to leave that old covenant and come into the New. These are the beginning of the Holy City the New Jerusalem. There is no other.

This Holy City was opened to the Gentiles in the tenth chapter of Acts. Then Paul turned the message of salvation to the Gentiles and that brought in the whole world. Now every soul that is born into the kingdom of Christ Jesus this way becomes a true Israelite or Jew. It is no longer in the flesh or that natural, sinful city called Jerusalem. That is not God’s people.

Only those who are baptized into the body of Christ are the people of God. We are the blessed ones. That old nation was cursed and it will be cursed forever. God is never, never going to go back to that witchcraft of the old covenant. Everything they did was witchcraft. Read Isaiah one and 66 and it will prove it to you. God hated everything connected with that old way of the OT.
Read Deut 28; Moses spoke the blessings and the cursing to them just before he died. He said, I have set life and death before you. Choose what you will serve; God and live or Satan and die. They chose the curses.
God even said he would pour dust and powder down from heaven and destroy their land. I believe this could be where the Sahara Desert is today.
But that old Jerusalem is the ones who stayed in sin and chose the curses. They are cursed and nothing can change it.
Those who came to Jesus through the Baptism of the Holy Ghost are the New Jerusalem and is the blessed one.
They are both still here, together and will be till Jesus sends his angels to separate them and cast the tares into the fire of destruction. Then the righteous will shine forth as the STARS forever.
Praise God for revealing his truth to me.

first seal

Revelation 1

King James Version

1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:

2 Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw.

look at the above. ‘he bare record of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.

Not some antichrist.

so, also, know that only Scripture is a true interpreter of Scripture.

As you probably know, almost everyone who pretends to know this book says that it is antichrist on that white horse.

Now all I ask is … someone please show one single verse of Scripture that says an antichrist rides this white or righteous horse and conquers …..

I will show you the true interpreting verse


know that everything you have ever been taught about the Book of Revelation is

all wrong.


Rev 19: 11 And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.

12 His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.

13 And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.

Now there is the true white horse rider.