What Scriptures Are Important To You?

what part of scripture do YOU think is important? I have heard many times, ‘that is not important for it does not pertain to salvation’. What did Jesus teach? or does his words matter? Matthew 4:4 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every wordContinue reading “What Scriptures Are Important To You?”

The Storm Keeps Raging

and so the storm never stops raging….is Jesus God? is God incarnate? they never stop wresting the Scripture, to their own destruction. after many false posts, concerning this question, of Jesus being God or incarnate, I wrote this: (of course, not a hand-full of folks will ever allow God to show them this truth; theyContinue reading “The Storm Keeps Raging”

The Real Jesus Christ (Biblical Debate)

Originally Posted by LesWhen God became man ,he took upon Himself humanity,without ever surrendering His diety. The sacrifice of Himself is replete of the sacrifices offered up to God by the High Priest .Keeping in mind that the sacrifice itself had to be acceptable to God. So God,being in the person of Christ made theContinue reading “The Real Jesus Christ (Biblical Debate)”