Do You Walk In Darkness?

The reason people walk in darkness and under great delusions is fully explained in Scripture.Because they received not a LOVE FOR THE TRUTH, God will send them strong delusion, that they will believe a LIE AND BE DAMNED who loved not the truth.I am here to tell you all, it is not just the JW;Continue reading “Do You Walk In Darkness?”

Walking Hand In Hand With Satan

Ever noticed how some ‘church members’ gripe about schools no longer praying with children, yet their own church sends them out to play while they ‘supposedly ‘ pray and ‘study’ the word of God?…… Why, why are they (these churches) walking hand-in-hand, with satan, to deprive children of learning about God? or how to pray?Continue reading “Walking Hand In Hand With Satan”

Are You A Child of Satan?

so, what scripture shows egg hunts has anything to do with the resurrection of Jesus? Not one. or is it that you all KNOW it is idolatry and your goddess of fertility means more to you than truth? or Jesus?Well, at the judgment you will be denied eternal life.Jesus said FORSAKE THESE IDOLS if youContinue reading “Are You A Child of Satan?”

Preachers Money

I wish to tell you something very important.when you hit at a person’s ‘money’ they take great offense.I am speaking of government folks. but especially PREACHERS or so-called ministers. See, that was NEVER, NEVER supposed to have been a money-making ‘job’. God has NEVER, NEVER said for his ministers to get PAY for doing thisContinue reading “Preachers Money”