Is God A White Male?🤣

The question was asked, why is God a white male. This is my answer, and I give it here because this spiritual revelation God gave to me, and it will help you understand Scripture, more, if you get this truth: I don’t usually answer questions which are obviously asked for the sole purpose of blasphemingContinue reading “Is God A White Male?🤣”

A Generation That Knew Not God

After Joshua died, Scripture says, there rose up a generation which knew not God. Their parents had fallen away, and were no longer teaching their children of the glory and power of the Eternal God. So these children grew up and went the way of the heathen around them. They did not know of theContinue reading “A Generation That Knew Not God”

Idolatry Is Sin Against God

Idolatry is the greatest sin. It is spiritual adultery against God.Your holidays are all idolatry. heathen worship of their idols brought into your church. Your church is like an octopus which has you tied up in its tentacles so tight that you cannot breathe. but that is how you want it. you love your idols.Continue reading “Idolatry Is Sin Against God”

Is Jesus God? Question Answered Again!

Well, here I go again: an answer I gave at Yahoo, when asked, is Jesus son of God, or God the son: (if no one ever gets this truth, at least I will have tried)….. I wonder, do people ever really study the Word of God? It surely seems not so. Why, oh why, doContinue reading “Is Jesus God? Question Answered Again!”

Going to Church? or In the Army of God?

going to church is not the same thing as being in the army of God. It is so far from it, you will never even have any idea what it means.Henceall the evil flourishes, unhindered, in this world. too many who say, I am a christian, want nothing more than to be entertained at churchContinue reading “Going to Church? or In the Army of God?”