Insanity of the Highest Degree

The ‘church’ went insane….. they said, we need to decorate green trees, exchange presents, and bring down a fat idol with fake deers bringing presents to kids. .. to deceive them into worshiping this idol….even though it is just made-up junk…. this is what God wants us to do to celebrate the birth of aContinue reading “Insanity of the Highest Degree”

Idolatry Is Sin Against God

Idolatry is the greatest sin. It is spiritual adultery against God.Your holidays are all idolatry. heathen worship of their idols brought into your church. Your church is like an octopus which has you tied up in its tentacles so tight that you cannot breathe. but that is how you want it. you love your idols.Continue reading “Idolatry Is Sin Against God”

Devil Worship Foolishness

It is a shame, spiritually speaking, when the ‘church’ has so deceived people that they think a lie from the mouth of a man is better than the truth from the mouth of a woman.…and when they think eggs, rabbits and chicks glorify the resurrection of Jesus…and when decorated green trees and exchanging presents somehowContinue reading “Devil Worship Foolishness”