Identify The True Jesus

Date Posted:01/27/2016 11:18 Identity of the true Jesus. God spoke directly to me, years ago, and told me to always use only Scriptural terminology.   The reason this is so important is that if we speak anything concerning God, which is NOT written in Scripture, then we are making a lie.  We are either addingContinue reading “Identify The True Jesus”

True Jesus vs. False Jesus

Contrasting the true Jesus from the false jesus. Yes, there are two Jesus’. So how do you know which one you are worshiping or believing? It must be proven by written Scripture. So let’s see: The True Jesus had his birthday blotted out of existence. And God said, let not that day be blessed; provenContinue reading “True Jesus vs. False Jesus”

Do You Walk In Darkness?

The reason people walk in darkness and under great delusions is fully explained in Scripture.Because they received not a LOVE FOR THE TRUTH, God will send them strong delusion, that they will believe a LIE AND BE DAMNED who loved not the truth.I am here to tell you all, it is not just the JW;Continue reading “Do You Walk In Darkness?”

Look Beneath The Surface

One of the main reasons people miss the glorious secrets and deep truths of God’s Word is that they have never learned to look below the surface. On the surface, or the outward words, you will see a story. But this ‘story’ is included in God’s word ONLY because it is showing something much deeperContinue reading “Look Beneath The Surface”

Jesus Was Crucified In?

Jesus was crucified in COLD WEATHER = WINTER. So says God’s word.If your religion totally ignores Scripture, does not seek for its truth, you are saying to God that he does not matter. What His word says means nothing to you. Your religion is totally in vain when you follow traditions instead of seeking toContinue reading “Jesus Was Crucified In?”