Still Believe Jesus Is God? Read This True Story.

Here is a partial message that I am working on. Will post more to it later. I ask anyone who sees this, if you think that Jesus was/is, God, please show me the verse which SAYS THAT. (not some man’s twisted, added-to stuff) Jesus……God or Man? In this study I am going to prove withContinue reading “Still Believe Jesus Is God? Read This True Story.”

The Storm Keeps Raging

and so the storm never stops raging….is Jesus God? is God incarnate? they never stop wresting the Scripture, to their own destruction. after many false posts, concerning this question, of Jesus being God or incarnate, I wrote this: (of course, not a hand-full of folks will ever allow God to show them this truth; theyContinue reading “The Storm Keeps Raging”

Is Jesus God? Question Answered Again!

Well, here I go again: an answer I gave at Yahoo, when asked, is Jesus son of God, or God the son: (if no one ever gets this truth, at least I will have tried)….. I wonder, do people ever really study the Word of God? It surely seems not so. Why, oh why, doContinue reading “Is Jesus God? Question Answered Again!”

Where Did the Son of God Come From?

where did the son of God come from? when was he ‘born’? from what/who?Col 1: 18 And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.Ok, one witness, that he was the firstborn ,,,FROM THE DEAD…( wasContinue reading “Where Did the Son of God Come From?”

Can I Get A Scripture?

Can you give a Scripture? I have challenged Trinitarians over and over —- WHY DO NONE OF YOU BRING FORTH EVEN ONE WORD OF SCRIPTURE PROVING THIS LYING DOCTRINE?I would be afraid to keep believing a doctrine for which there is not one single word of Scripture. I am asking again, bring forth one verseContinue reading “Can I Get A Scripture?”

Warning! False Doctrine

Warning!!Be very careful of the ‘split-Jesus’ doctrine.  what is it?the false Jesus-only ,  Jesus is God, and there is no other.  definitely anti-Christ doctrine. Jesus’ outside, or body, was fully human…..His inside or his own mind/spirit/soul, was God. In other words,  God was not IN Christ.  His insides was God. Lots of difference.  Certianly NOT Apostolic doctrine. ¨C11C¨C12C¨C13C¨C14C¨C15C¨C16C¨C17C¨C18C¨C19C¨C20C