Where Did False Doctrine Come From?

Where did the doctrine of an incarnate god come from?  Incarnate means that the eternal God left heaven and became a human being, wrapped up in human flesh.  So, first, where is even one scripture telling us that such a thing happened?  I know of none.  Where is one OT prophesy showing that this wasContinue reading “Where Did False Doctrine Come From?”

How Did Jesus Become The Son of God? And David Too?

Date Posted´╝Ü03/14/2010 2:36 PMCopy HTMLThis is one of my answers from Yahoo questions, concerning how did Jesus go from Son of David to Son of God?**************** The very same was we do it, by receiving the seed of God, Holy Ghost/word, into himself, and becoming the first and only begotten Son of God. Being bornContinue reading “How Did Jesus Become The Son of God? And David Too?”

The Real Jesus Christ (Biblical Debate)

Originally Posted by LesWhen God became man ,he took upon Himself humanity,without ever surrendering His diety. The sacrifice of Himself is replete of the sacrifices offered up to God by the High Priest .Keeping in mind that the sacrifice itself had to be acceptable to God. So God,being in the person of Christ made theContinue reading “The Real Jesus Christ (Biblical Debate)”

To the Saints In Christ

From: MSN NicknameFreeborn22 (Original Message) Sent: 11/17/2005 7:36 PMTo the Saints in Christ I just wanted to post a few Scriptures about love. Love is a beautiful thing. Matt.5:9-Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. Mat.4:4 But he answered and said, it is written, Man shall not live byContinue reading “To the Saints In Christ”